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Keynote Speaker

Andrew Clay Andrew Clay, MathWorks
Andrew Clay, Managing Director at MathWorks Australia, leads the company’s direct presence in Australia. Andrew joined MathWorks in 2006, bringing with him some 16 years of experience in the information technology industry in Australia and across Asia Pacific.

Before joining MathWorks, Andrew was the Asia Pacific Vice President of the Solution Services organisation for Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), and before that spent six years with Peoplesoft, based in Sydney and Singapore.

Andrew entered the IT industry in 1991 with Oracle Corporation, where he worked for nine years in a variety of roles including sales, consulting and services, and sales management across Asia Pacific. During his career, Andrew has worked in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Systems Design, Accounting and Finance) from the University of New South Wales.

Additional Speakers

Bobby Nedelkovski

Bobby Nedelkovski, MathWorks
Bobby is an application engineer focusing on MATLAB and technical computing applications. He helps clients accelerate algorithm and application development, through efforts such as integrating MATLAB in enterprise software systems and with parallel computing. Prior to joining MathWorks Australia, Bobby worked in a variety of industries, focusing on financial application development, scientific research and development, and production software engineering. A highlight of his professional career was his work as a nuclear physicist using MATLAB for intensive research and development to improve the calibration process of elemental quality control analysers for the cement and coal mining industries. Bobby also worked in the finance and defence industries, delivering decisive project solutions based on his broad knowledge of mathematical analysis and software engineering techniques. Bobby received his B.Comp.Sc. and B.Ma. & Comp.Sc. (Hons Pure Mathematics) from the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Daryl Ning

Daryl Ning, MathWorks
Daryl is senior application engineer for the signal processing and communications industry at MathWorks Australia. He joined the MathWorks Australia sales team in April 2006 and transitioned to application engineering in March 2007. Before coming to MathWorks, Daryl worked with the Australian distributor of MathWorks in the sales team for the academic industry. Daryl received both his Ph.D. and B.Eng. (electrical engineering) from the Queensland University of Technology, where he also worked as a research assistant in speech and audio processing for biometrics and compression.

Sam Oliver

Sam Oliver, MathWorks
Sam is an application engineer at MathWorks Australia who focuses on simulation and Model-Based Design. Before joining MathWorks in January 2008, he spent two and half years with PBR Australia on application development for their Electromechanical Brake (EMB) Program. The primarily focus was on the development of estimation and control routines for both chassis systems, and the EMB calipers. A large proportion of the developed activities were completed using a combination of MathWorks tools and C.

Sam received his M.Eng.Sc. (mechatronics), B.Eng. (mechanical and manufacturing), and B.Sc. (computer) from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He also worked as a university research assistant conducting research with industry partner PBR Australia (formerly Pacifica Group Technologies) on the verification and integration phases of software development within the automotive industry focusing.