Ideal operational amplifier


Electrical Elements


The Op-Amp block models an ideal operational amplifier (op-amp). The figure shows the implementation schematic.

The block implementation is based on the following assumptions:

  • The ideal op-amp gain A is assumed to be infinite

  • Then, for finite output, must have V1 = 0

  • Ideal op-amp also implies current from p to n is zero (i1 = 0)

These assumptions result in the following equations for the block:

    v1 == p.v - n.v;
    v1 == 0;
    i1 == 0;

For more information, click the Source code link in the block dialog box.

Dialog Box and Parameters

The Op-Amp block has no parameters.

You can initialize the Current into output node variable prior to simulation. For more information, see About Variable Initialization.


The block has three electrical conserving ports.

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