Provide entity input port or entity output port for virtual subsystem


SimEvents Ports and Subsystems


The Conn block, placed inside a subsystem containing blocks with entity ports, creates an entity port on the boundary of the subsystem. When you connect the Conn block, the port changes its appearance and becomes either an entity input port or an entity output port:

  • Conn represents an input port if connected to another block's input port.

  • Conn represents an output port if connected to another block's output port.

To create a new virtual subsystem, select one or more blocks in the model and select Diagram > Subsystem & Model Reference > Create Subsystem from Selection from the model window's menu. The application automatically inserts and connects appropriate input and output ports. To add more ports to the subsystem along entity paths, insert and connect this block in the subsystem window.

Dialog Box

Port number

Labels the subsystem connector port created by this block. Each connector port on the boundary of a single subsystem requires a unique number as a label.

Port location on parent subsystem

Use this parameter to choose on which side of the parent subsystem boundary the port appears. The choices are Left and Right. The choice of port location is unrelated to whether the block represents an entity input port or an entity output port.

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