Add Blocks To Models Using the Library Browser

You can use the Simulink® Library Browser as the source for adding blocks to your model. In the Library Browser, browse and search blocks from built-in and user libraries. Copy blocks from the Library Browser to your model in the Simulink Editor.

Open the Library Browser

To open the Library Browser, from the MATLAB® Toolstrip, click the Simulink Library button .

Alternatively, at the MATLAB command line, enter:


Copy Blocks to Your Model

To open the Library Browser, at the MATLAB command line, enter:


For details, see Open the Library Browser.

For information about creating your own libraries and adding them to the Library Browser, see Block Libraries.

Browse Block Libraries

The Libraries pane on the left displays a tree-structured folder of the block libraries on your system. Initially, the Simulink library is selected and its top level is open. You can scroll the pane and expand and collapse libraries and sublibraries to browse the libraries on your system and the blocks that the libraries contain.

The contents of the library that you select in the Libraries pane appear in the Library tab to the right of the pane. The contents can be sublibraries, blocks, or a mixture of the two. An icon and a name identifies each member of the selected library.

To open a sublibrary, use one of the following approaches:

  • Select the library in the Libraries pane.

  • Double-click the library in the Library tab.

To get help for a block:

  1. Right-click the block.

  2. From the context menu, select Help.

The help text and the context menu are the same as what appear when you right-click an instance of that block in a model.

Search Block Libraries

To search for library blocks whose names contain a specified character string:

  1. In the Library Browser, in Search text field, enter the search character string.

  2. Press Return or click Search.

The browser searches all libraries for blocks whose names match the specified string. The browser displays the results in the Found pane. The pane shows the blocks from each library separately.

By default, the search finds any substring and is not case-sensitive. To change these defaults or to enable use of MATLAB regular expressions in the Search field, click the Library Browser Options button and select the appropriate commands. Work with blocks that you find by searching just as you do with blocks that you find by selecting a library.

Copy Blocks to Models

To copy a block from the Library Browser into a model, drag and drop the library block into the model window at the location where you want to create the copy. Simulink copies the block to the model at the point that you select.

The resulting block retains a link to its source library. Updates to the source library automatically propagate to all of its linked copies. See Libraries for information about library links.

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