Install Support for PandaBoard Hardware

You can add support for PandaBoard hardware to Simulink® product, using the following process. After you complete this process, and replace the firmware on the PandaBoard hardware, you can run a Simulink model on your PandaBoard hardware.

To install support for PandaBoard hardware:

  1. In a MATLAB Command Window, enter supportPackageInstaller. This starts the Support Package Installer.

  2. Follow the instructions and default settings provided by Support Package Installer to complete the installation. For more information about the options on a particular screen, click the Help button.

Using this installation process, you download and install the following items on your host computer:

  • Third-party software development tools

  • A Simulink block library called Simulink Support Package for PandaBoard Hardware.

  • Examples

For convenience, these instructions occasionally refer to PandaBoard hardware as a "board" or as "target hardware".

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