The Wright ω function

Use only in the MuPAD Notebook Interface.

This functionality does not run in MATLAB.




is defined in terms of Lambert's W function as .

For xt - i π with t ≤ - 1, is a solution of the equation y + ln(y) = x. The complete solution set of this equation is


A floating-point value is computed if the argument is a floating point value. Unevaluated symbolic calls are returned for most exact arguments. For some special cases explicit symbolic representations are returned.

Environment Interactions

When called with a floating-point argument, the function is sensitive to the environment variable DIGITS which determines the numerical working precision.


Example 1

Most calls with exact arguments return themselves unevaluated:

wrightOmega(1/2); wrightOmega(I*PI);

Some special arguments return explicit symbolic representations:

wrightOmega(-1+I*PI); wrightOmega(ln(2)+6*PI*I);

If the argument is a floating-point value, then a floating-point result will be returned:




An arithmetical expression, the "argument"

Return Values

Arithmetical expression

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