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Matlab on 16 core desktop machine

Asked by Sharon
on 26 Oct 2011
Accepted Answer by Thomas

I need to install matlab on a box that has two processors each with 8 cores. Since the license allows one to install Matlab on 12 cores (R2011b). How do I install Matlab on the box and do I have to do anything different (i.e. configuration changes) to get Matlab installed and working correctly.

How will the parallel processing toolbox work with such a configuration.


2 Answers

Answer by Thomas
on 26 Oct 2011
 Accepted answer

You just need to download and install MATLAB and run the validation on the local configuration to confirm its working.

You go to Parallel > Manage Configuration > Local

Make sure the 'Folder where Job data is stored (DataLocation)' : Matlab path (/Users/USERNAME/Documents/MATLAB) on the MAC

Validation should complete successfully.

to test how many core matlabpool is taking natively run:

 matlabpool open local 

(it will auto detect the number of cores available and should give you the maximum allowed-12)



- this should tell you the number of workers matlabpool is working on ( you should get a response of 12)

If it does not you can open matlabpool on 12 workers using:

 matlabpool open local 12


Answer by Jason Ross
on 26 Oct 2011

You install MATLAB like you install any other program. Start the installation program, fill in the blanks, say "go".

For parallel processing, you use the "local" scheduler, which should just work out of the box with up to 12 workers.

If you have other installation questions, contact installation support.


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