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Thread Subject:
Using Scope Data from Simulink for the plot command

Subject: Using Scope Data from Simulink for the plot command

From: ralf_bartling@yahoo....

Date: 10 Apr, 2006 22:22:48

Message: 1 of 1

Hello NG,
I=B4m a new user and I have a question regarding the plot command.

I have made a simulation in simulink and I want to plot the data from
the simulink scope in the matlab environment.

For this reason I have used the following commands:

subplot(2,1,1); plot(ScopeData.time,ScopeData.signals(1,1).values)
subplot(2,1,2); plot(ScopeData.time,ScopeData.signals(1,2).values)

The plot commands produces to two curves in one figure. Both figures
have their own timescale (ScopeData.time) on the x axis.

Is it possible to plot the curves with one common timescale on the x

Many thanks


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