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Thread Subject:
Instrument control using RS232

Subject: Instrument control using RS232

From: P. Sripathi

Date: 10 Jan, 2005 04:03:02

Message: 1 of 1


I need to communicate to an Agilent scope (54264A) connected to a
serial port (COM1/2) on my comp. There are two settings on the scope:
9600 bps with Xon/Xoff (software handshake) and 57600 bps with DTR
(hardware handshake...says DTR rather than RTS/CTS). I could do the
first with the code below but cannot figure out how to do the latter.
Any inputs?

Thanks much,

>fprintf(scope_COM, '*IDN?')

Elicits response from scope with software handshake, 9600bps.

However, there is no response with the hardware handshake setting. I
changed the 'flowcontrol' to 'hardware' (from default 'none') and the
'Baudrate' to '57600' (from default '9600'). No response from scope.

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