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Command Expert

Easily control Agilent instruments from MATLAB


  • Experiment with instrument command sequences
  • Easily retrieve measurement data from instruments
  • Find, use, and view full documentation for SCPI and IVI-COM commands
  • Integrated with MATLAB and Instrument Control Toolbox
  • Generate MATLAB instrument command code based on Command Expert sequences
  • Use MATLAB to develop custom data analysis routines, analyze and visualize signals, and build GUI-based applications


Agilent’s Command Expert software provides fast and easy instrument control integrated with MATLAB. Command Expert combines instrument commands, documentation, syntax checking, and command execution in one interface. Instrument Command Sets are available for instruments that use Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation (SCPI) or IVI-COM drivers.

Agilent's Command Expert lets users:

  • Find instrument commands
  • Access command documentation
  • Verify command syntax
  • Build instrument command sequences
  • Execute instrument command sequences
  • Integrate sequences into PC application environments

Agilent Command Expert and MATLAB enable users to solve complex design, testing, and verification challenges. The Command Expert MATLAB Add-on enables users to export their SCPI and/or IVI-COM command sequences to the MATLAB environment. These sequences can then be executed with a single function in MATLAB with resulting data also output to MATLAB. Command Expert can also generate MATLAB instrument control code for a sequence of SCPI commands, allowing users to experiment with instrument command sequences and incorporate them into MATLAB programs.   The generated code uses MATLAB and Instrument Control Toolbox. Once measurements are in MATLAB, engineers can develop their own custom data analysis routines, analyze and visualize signals and build GUI-based applications to synchronize and automate measurements, or build complete T&M applications.  MATLAB software is available from MathWorks or directly from Agilent with the purchase of various instruments.

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