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Quantitative Investment Analysis

Platform for producing, debugging, and backtesting quantitative strategies in Chinese financial markets


  • Cross-species, cross-markets, and multicycle strategies development
  • Quantitative and risk factor library
  • High-speed local data cache based on clustering algorithm
  • Powerful, user-friendly data extraction
  • High-quality simulation trading mechanism
  • Comprehensive, customizable, and professional performance analysis


Quantitative Investment Analysis

Quantitative Investment Analysis (QIA) is a high-performance platform for producing, debugging, and backtesting standardized quantitative investment strategies. To meet the developing requirements of quantitative investment strategies, QIA focuses on standardized strategy production and backtesting while combining multiple features, including accurate and comprehensive data stream, convenient strategy structuring, high-speed strategy becktesting, high-quality simulation trading mechanism, and accurate performance analysis.

QIA relies on the China Stock Market Accounting Research (CSMAR) series database and high-frequency data from Chinese Stock and Futures Markets. On this basis, QIA provides a derivative quantitative and risk factor library that is used in both academic research and practical trading.

QIA provides various technical analysis functions, stock-picking models, abundant and comprehensive strategy templates, and graphical user interfaces, which gives an acceleration engine for the development of quantitative investment strategies.   

QIA provides users with a MATLAB toolbox, enabling MATLAB users to directly access data and call functions from QIA without SQL programming.

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