Simulink Real-Time 

Automation Real-Time Target Machine

Deploy your design on a target machine optimized for 24/7 operation

Automation real-time target machine
Automation real-time target machine

The Automation real-time target machine is expressly designed to serve as the controller hardware to test, prove, and deploy Simulink control system designs using xPC Target and xPC Target Embedded Option. Typical application examples include prototypes or small-to-medium quantity production runs.

This target machine is available in three space-optimized form factors providing room for one, two, or five I/O slots. The chassis is rugged and is both actively and passively cooled. The industrial mainboard is optimized for continuous operation and supports CPUs up to Intel Pentium M 1.8GHz.


  • Industrial design optimized for continuous operation
  • Ideal for deploying and running Simulink control designs independently
  • High real-time performance with xPC Target
  • Three space-optimized form factors with one, two, or five I/O slots
  • Wall and cabinet mounting bracket integrated in chassis design
  • Rugged quality components with long lifecycles

PDF Hardware specifications (80k)

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