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Integration and Differentiation

Computing Indefinite and Definite Integrals (MATLAB) (Notebook)
Using Derivatives to Find Maxima, Minima, and Inflection Points (MATLAB) (Notebook)
Radiation of Two Charged Particles Moving in an Elliptical Orbit new
Exotic Options - From Symbolic Modeling to C Code new
Symbolic Derivatives for Econometric Tests

Solving Equations and Linear Algebra

Formula Manipulation and Simplification

Simulink and Simscape

Variable-Precision Arithmetic

Notebook Examples

Dynamic Analysis of a DC Motor (Notebook)
Modeling the Motion of a Double Pendulum (Notebook)
Modeling the Power Generated by a Wind Turbine (Notebook)
Modeling the Motion of an Automotive Piston (Notebook)
Calculating Jacobians of Nelson Siegel and Svensson Models (Notebook)
Modeling the Velocity of a Paratrooper (Notebook)
Modeling Aircraft Wing Loads (Notebook)
Mass-Spring-Damper System (Notebook)
Developing an Algorithm to Undistort Pixel Locations of an Image (Notebook)

MATLAB大学基础教学: 符号数学功能在数学与物理课程中实际应用


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