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Simulink for DO-178 Flight Software Development


Bill Potter, MathWorks

This Webinar provides an overview and case study of using Simulink and Embedded Coder along with MathWorks verification tools to certify a system under the DO-178C standard for commercial aerospace.

  • Using Simulink in the Scope of ARP4754A, DO-178C, and DO-331
  • DO-331 Process With Qualified Tools
  • Flight control system case study for ARP4754, DO-178C, and DO-331
  • Certification Process Overview
  • DO Qualification Kit Overview

About the Presenter: Bill Potter is a Technical Marketing Manager for Aerospace Certification Application. Prior to joining MathWorks, Bill worked for 28 years in the aerospace industry, including 11 years of experience using Model-Based Design for DO-178B Level A. Bill is a member of RTCA Special Committee 205/Eurocae Working Group 71, which is developing revision C for DO-178.


  • DO Qualification Kit
  • Simulink Verification and Validation
  • Simulink Code Inspector
  • Simulink Test
  • Polyspace Code Prover
  • Embedded Coder

录制的: 2016年4月5日