Integral Powertrain Consulting

Automotive powertrain engineering


  • Powertrain vehicle performance and emissions simulation
  • Engine concept design and analysis
  • Advanced powertrain benchmarking
  • Powertrain control system applications
  • Calibration tools and customized process development
  • Control strategy development


Integral Powertrain is a creative engineering consultancy providing the global auto industry with advanced services and tools. A physically-based engine model in MATLAB and Simulink is at the heart of Integral Powertrain's powertrain simulation capability used for vehicle CO2 benchmarking, prediction, and desktop EMS calibration. Integral Powertrain has developed unique knowledge-driven parametric design tools for both gasoline and diesel engines, which dramatically reduce design lead times while improving product quality.

Integral Powertrain's engineers have used MathWorks products to develop in-house tools for powertrain simulation and control systems applications. Integral Powertrain has also developed customized tools for its clients based on MathWorks software. Simulink has been used to successfully model EMS control strategy and exhaust air fuel ratio response allows development "testing" to be performed on the desktop. The Model-Based Calibration Toolbox is popular with Integral Powertrain's calibration engineers and has formed the heart of processes developed by Integral Powertrain for its clients.

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