Manage, analyze, model, and present groundwater level data


  • Interactively edit and store data in an internal database
  • Present the piezometers and explanatory series on a map
  • Model data with the new and convenient PIRFICT time series model
  • Analyze groundwater level series on various statistical properties
  • Batch process your analysis and modeling tasks
  • Present the depth of piezometer filters in a cross-section


Menyanthes is a many-sided and user-friendly computer program for the analysis of groundwater level data. It facilitates the management, processing, presentation, analysis, and modeling of series of groundwater level observations, taken from piezometers or observation wells. The foundation of the program is an internal database, which you can easily populate with data from other programs, such as DAWACO, DINO, or data in EXCEL, or text files. Menyanthes lets you start working with this data in a fast and convenient way. The PIRFICT time series model significantly simplifies the time series modeling process and enables you to simultaneously process and analyze numerous groundwater level series.

Typical end users are hydrologists and ecologists, or in general, people involved with groundwater management or research. Various organizations such as water companies, water boards, governmental institutes, engineering offices, and nature organizations are working with Menyanthes. Menyanthes is developed using MATLAB functions and tools (e.g., data import, export and manipulation, 2- and 3-D plotting, and visualization tools, and GUIDE for developing the GUIs).

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  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Groundwater Hydrology


  • Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences