Advanced dynamics toolkit for predicting stress, deflection, and forces for transient, sine, random, and response spectrum environments


  • Create inputs through a function manager interface
  • Generate RMS output without computing PSDs
  • Run multiple solvers in batch mode
  • Solve for responses in the modal domain
  • Develop custom solvers in the MATLAB ® language


Vibrata is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, advanced dynamics toolkit for predicting stress, deflection, and other responses to transient, harmonic, random, and response spectrum excitation.

The software makes it easy to define, solve, and display results for both simple and advanced dynamic problems. Its graphical approach lets users focus on the engineering physics rather than the data input formats and data transfer issues, while its textual Event Definition File lets users run rapid trade studies by reusing most of a prior event definition with minor changes. Vibrata comes with four highly capable solvers (transient, harmonic, random, and response spectrum), but also lets users create their own custom solvers and automatically incorporate them into its user interface. Custom and standard solvers alike are implemented as MATLAB scripts.

Vibrata uses the results of a finite element normal modes analysis to compute dynamic responses in the modal domain. It can use results from any FEA solver supported by Siemens® Femap®, although it is particularly suited for use with NX Nastran®. It uses Femap to store, view, and interact with the FE model definition and results data.

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