Requirements tracing and management tool


  • Trace requirements from concept through design and implementation details
  • Link to existing requirements in IBM® Rational® DOORS® and a variety of other file formats
  • Detect, analyze, and manage requirement changes
  • Interactively visualize and analyze requirements coverage
  • Generate customizable reports and documentation
  • Meet DO-254 requirements tracing objectives


For complex electronic hardware destined for commercial aircraft, the FAA, via DO-254, requires external audit of the tracing of requirements to design implementation code and verification results. This level of requirements tracking is also emerging as a contractual item for safety-critical and mission-critical applications across a variety of industries such as space, military, transportation, and medical applications.

ReqTracer from Mentor Graphics provides automated requirements tracing from enterprise requirements tools, such as DOORS, into design creation, implementation, and verification results. ReqTracer includes interfaces to a variety of Mentor Graphics® tools and third-party tools to deliver a complete requirements tracking solution with automated reports and documentation.

ReqTracer extracts a list of Simulink® elements tagged as covering requirements defined elsewhere as well as elements associated with the definition of derived requirements defined inside the Simulink models. ReqTracer displays a list of the extracted Simulink elements associated with requirements as well as links between those elements and requirements objects in other tools and files, as defined in the current ReqTracer project setup. Users can navigate directly to any listed Simulink elements by double-clicking on the element name. In this case, ReqTracer invokes Simulink on the proper model and highlights the selected element.

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