RT-Eye Serial Data Analysis Package

Oscilloscope-based software for compliance and analysis of high-speed serial data


  • Clock recovery and RT-Eye rendering of 8B/10B serial data streams
  • User-defined mask testing
  • Jitter measurements
  • AC parametric measurements
  • Pass/fail limit testing
  • PlugFest-friendly compliance modules for InfiniBand and PCI Express


TDS RT-Eye™ software (RTE Option) for DPO/DSA70000B, TDS6000(B) and TDS/CSA7000(B) oscilloscopes provides high-speed serial data compliance and analysis for 8B/10B encoded copper standards such as PCI Express, Serial ATA, XAUI, FibreChannel, and Rapid I/O. Also available in this distribution are InfiniBand (IBA Option) and PCI Express (PCE Option) compliance modules which provide pass/fail compliance to industry standards using the RT-Eye software platform. Ten free trials are available for each module.

This is a stand-alone application that is deployed using the MATLAB Runtime Server and does not require end users to have MATLAB. End users do not have access to the underlying code or the MATLAB command line.

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