IAV - System Integration Services

Automotive system integration, analysis, and mechanical design


IAV offers high-end engineering services to the automotive industry. As a full service provider, IAV develops and integrates complete powertrain and electronic control systems as well as individual parts and modules.

IAV's system integration activities range from mechanical design to automotive electronics in support of customers during each aspect of the V-development cycle. IAV's portfolio includes system analysis, simulation, function design, rapid prototyping, and calibration methodology. For each of these activities, IAV has core groups with experts in the respective fields of activity, serving both internal and external customers.

With the use of MathWorks products, IAV provides solutions that reduce time-to-market periods for customers' products and systems. Whether it is an algorithm, a software package or a mass production calibration, IAV has the expertise and resources required to accomplish the project.

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Ann Arbor, MI 48108
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Product Expertise

Service Type

  • System Integration Services


  • Control Systems
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Real-Time Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Test and Measurement
  • Calibration


  • Automotive