A professional software tool for the efficient simulation of vehicle dynamics in real time


  • High-precision vehicle model for realistic virtual test drives
  • Ready-to-use models for common vehicle configurations and driving tasks
  • Flexible modification and extension of the vehicle model in Simulink
  • 3D run-time animation for visualization of simulation results
  • Extensions for special requirements (Traffic Module, Truck, Hook & Trailer)
  • Combines with the TESIS DYNAware products enDYNA and Realtime BrakeHydraulics for the virtual car


veDYNA® is a proven and versatile vehicle dynamics simulation tool based on a high-precision vehicle model, which is equally suited for the simulation of passenger cars, all-wheel sports vehicles, and Formula 1 race cars. The applications of veDYNA range from the conceptual vehicle development at the PC over component tests in virtual or physical test rigs up to function development and test of vehicle dynamics controllers in software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop environments.

The open and modular model architecture implemented in MATLAB® and Simulink® allows easy and straightforward incorporation of user-specific model components and external vehicle controllers. All the functionality of MATLAB and Simulink is available for simulation control and post-processing of results. Real-time code for all major hardware platforms can be generated with Simulink Coder.

For the definition of realistic driving tests, veDYNA provides a 3D road description, various standard maneuver controls, and a sophisticated driver model. Many standard maneuvers, such as the ISO double lane change and braking on µ-split, as well as test courses of different complexity are already preconfigured and included in the installation.

Users can visualize the simulation results at run time with the animation tool DYNAanimation. Curve plots and entire simulation reports can be generated with the comfortable veDYNA Plot interface subsequent to the simulation.

For special requirements, various extensions of the basic vehicle model are available. The models for truck, hook, and trailer allow stability investigations for commercial vehicles or controller tests for vehicle-trailer stabilization. The veDYNA traffic module supports the development of driver assistance systems based on information about fellow cars and obstacles. The suspension analysis toolbox enables the automated generation of axle parameters from measurements of K&C test rigs or results of MBS simulations.


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