What's New in Release 14 with Service Pack 2

Release 14 with Service Pack 2, launched on March 7, 2005, provides updates to MATLAB 7, Simulink 6, and 68 other products. The primary focus of this service pack is on quality improvements; it also contains more than 100 minor features. Release 14 with Service Pack 2 also delivers support for C++ code generation in Real-Time Workshop and includes two new products for distributed computing launched since Service Pack 1.

Download the new versions of MATLAB and Simulink and their companion products for which you are enrolled in Software Maintenance Services now.

Release highlights are listed below. For more details, please refer to the release notes, system requirements, and service pack definition.

New Products in Release 14 with Service Pack 2

* Indicates product was introduced after Release 14 with Service Pack 1, and is now available on the Service Pack 2 CD.

The Distributed Computing Toolbox enables you to execute coarse-grained MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models in a cluster of computers. You can prototype and develop applications in the MATLAB environment and then use the Distributed Computing Toolbox to divide them into independent tasks. The MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine (available separately) evaluates these tasks on remote MATLAB sessions.

  • Distributed execution of coarse-grained MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models on remote MATLAB sessions
  • Control of the distributed computing process via a function-based or an object-based interface
  • Distributed processing on both homogeneous and heterogeneous platforms
  • Support for synchronous and asynchronous operations
  • Access to single or multiple clusters by single or multiple users

Products with Major Updates in Release 14 with Service Pack 2

** Indicates product upgrade was introduced after Release 14 with Service Pack 2 and is available to download via the Web.

The Aerospace Blockset extends Simulink with blocks for modeling, integrating, and simulating aircraft, spacecraft, rocket, propulsion systems, and unmanned airborne vehicles. New features include:

  • A FlightGear Flight Simulator interface, enabling you to visualize simulation results using high-quality flight simulation graphics
  • Transformations and equations of motion for world or Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed (ECEF) coordinates, letting you model high-orbiting and long-range vehicles
  • Point mass models, providing the simplified representations required in multiple body modeling
  • Navigation blocks, including an accelerometer, gyroscope and inertial measurement unit

The Bioinformatics Toolbox offers computational molecular biologists and other research scientists an open and extensible environment in which to explore ideas, prototype new algorithms, and build applications in drug research, genetic engineering, and other genomics and proteomics projects. New features include:

  • Progressive multiple sequence alignment with support distributed computing support
  • Neighbor-joining phylogenetic reconstruction
  • Machine learning functions for classification and pattern recognition
  • Enhanced phylogenetic tree handling tools, such as weighting, canonical forms, and rerooting
  • Interactive sequence viewer for viewing features such as CDs and ORFs

The OPC Toolbox extends MATLAB and Simulink with tools for interacting with OPC servers. You can read, write, and log OPC data from devices that conform to the OPC Foundation Data Access standard, such as distributed control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and programmable logic controllers. New features include:

  • Simulink Blockset Library
  • Quality Data Properties

Other Updated Products

Please refer to the Release Notes for information on updates to the following products:

* Indicates product upgrade was introduced after Release 14 with Service Pack 2 and is available to download via the Web.

What is a Service Pack?

A service pack is a collection of bug fixes, features, and Web releases made since the last general release, captured in a full media set.