Modern Digital Halftoning, 2e

Modern Digital Halftoning, 2e

Written for students, Modern Digital Halftoning provides a comprehensive treatment of various approaches and analysis tools used for monochrome and color digital halftoning. The book covers cutting-edge topics, including stochastic moiré, lenticular printing, and multitoning optimization. Additional topics include screen angles and moiré, screen frequency, supercells, and zero-angle dither arrays. The revised second edition provides an integrated and up-to-date treatment of stochastic halftoning and digital printing.
  • In addition, a set of MATLAB code files is available on a CD bound in the book.

About This Book

Daniel L. Lau, Aware, Inc.
Gonzalo R. Arce, University of Delaware

CRC Press, Inc., 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4200-4753-0
Language: English

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